Board of Directors 2018-19

2018-19 BSIMA Board of Directors – Executive Members

President –     TARA SOMERSET

Vice President –    MARINA PADDOCK

Finance Officer –      AARON GUNSON  


Administrative Officer – MYRNA LARGE

Fruit Sale Co-ordinator – MELISSA JANSEN

Honorary Board Members:  Roger Bright; Brent Campbell; Kevin Dohan; Linda Grossart; Ken Hudson; Doug Molnar.

Description of Board Positions:


Board of Directors’ Meetings:

Note: All meeting items are considered DRAFTS prior to the meeting.

September 2018

BSIMA AGM – Wednesday, September 19, 7:00 pm, CPN BAND ROOM

P&LJUL2018; Minutes AGM 9-20-2017; BALJUL2018; AGM Agenda 2018Admin Officer’s Report

AGM Minutes 2018

BSIMA  Board Meeting – September 19, Immediately Following AGM

Meeting minutes May; Meeting minutes JuneAgenda Board Meeting 9-19-2018

October 2018

MeetingAgendaOct189-19-2018 Minutes Board Meeting09-30-2018 P&L09-30-2018 Balance09-30-2018 Westoba Chequing;   Admin Officer Report

November 2018 

Meeting-Agenda-Nov-2018MeetingMinutes-Oct-2018 ; 10-31-2018 P&L; 10-31-2018 Balance10-31-2018-Westoba

January 2019 

Meeting Agenda Jan 2019Meeting-Minutes-Nov-201812-31-2018 P&L12-31-2018 Balance12-31-2018 Westoba;  ADMIN REPORT JAN 2019

February 2019

20-02-2019 Agenda16-01-2019 Minutes1-31-2019 BALANCE1-31-2019 P&L1-31-2019 WESTOBA;

April 2019

04-17-2019 AGENDA02-20-2019 MINUTES3-31-2019 BALANCE3-31-2019 P&L3-31-2019 WESTOBA;

May 2019

05-15-2019 AGENDA04-17-2019 MINUTES04-30-2019 BALANCE04-30-2019 P&L04-30-2019 WESTOBABSIMA By-Laws [Edition 8] 2019.05.15Instrument Usage Form BSIMA 2019-20 BUDGET2019-20 BSIMA Annual Events DutiesBSIMA Agreement 2019 – Grade 8 Band Equipment

June 2019